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Improving Your Memory!!!

As we get older, our memories tend to fade for some people. Studies have shown that daily training of your memory can improve both short term and long term memory.

The effect of drink and in particular drugs on memory can not be over stated. These games will help you to keep your memory strong, but please remember that memory fitness and any brain training program must also be matched by a healthy physical state.

Classic Memory Improving Game!

The first of our memory improvement games is the classic Chinese memory game of Mahjongg! The purpose of the game is to locate the matching tiles and find a way to clear them from the board as quickly as possible. There are four identical copies of each tile and you can only remove tiles that are not boxed in by other tiles.

This game helps build memory as you are responding to symbols and not just words or numbers as we here in the "West" are used to. Let a little ancient Chinese game help you to improve your memory!

Improve Your Memory: Mahjongg
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Audio and Visual Memory improvement games!

If you have speakers, turn them on and get ready for a memory challenge! Normally, the human mind can store seven seperate bits of information at any one time. By grouping information together into patterns, we can then remember seven patterns of information and that exponentially increases our memory capacity. This great game, Simon, will show you how.

Watch for the flashing colours and sounds and then repreat what you have just seen. But watch out, it the patterns get tougher and faster quickly so that you get a great workout!
Each time you play it is a different sequence so your memory skills are being continually challenged.

Memory Improvement Game : Simon
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