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Improve Your Brain!!!

The best way to improve your brain long term is through problem solving.

Problem solving games train both the ability to strategise and to reason.

For example, when faced by a problem, you must first build up a strategy of how this problem can be solved. This strategy will be based on the mental model you have in your mind of the environment surrounding the puzzle. You then try to execute the strategy and during this execution period, the mental model you have will either be affirmed or will modify as your perception of the puzzle environment changes.
Do not be afraid of failure in these games, it is actually through failure that the greatest learning occurs. Failing means that you have to go back and revise your initial strategy and perhaps your mental model of the environment and come up with a new plan. Failure in this case promotes creativity!

Classic Problem solving Brain games!

We'll start with a classic ancient problem solving game to get you warmed up. The Towers of Hanoi. The purpose of the game is to move all the rings to another peg, the problem is that you can never put a larger ring on top of a smaller one! It's easy when there are only 3 rings, but the more rings, the harder it gets...
You can chart your progress as it counts the number of clicks you make and shows your history too. Good Luck!

The Towers of Hanoi
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3D Problem solving Brain Games!

This is a tough one, but it will really get your brain working! You have to push the crates to cover every red square on the floor of the warehouse. You are only strong enough to push one box at a time.

You can click on auto solve to show how it could be solved, but only by solving them yourselve will you build your brain fitness!

3D Crate Game
Sorry, you will need the <a href="" target="_blank">Flash Player</a> to play this game.

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