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Brain Training

Brain training games are probably the most effictive way to increase brain fitness and improve memory. The reason for this is simple, in order to develop your brain it takes more than a once-off exercise, it takes frequent exposure to tasks that will challenge you and improve brain response and improve memory. In order to stick to such a brain fitness program, it has to be fun and that is why we developed these brain training games.

Improve your concentration and mental abilities by playing some of the free brain training games in the links at the top of the page. Underneath you will find a breakdown of each of the sections in this online brain training site!

Brain and Memory Improvement Games

Brain Exercises

Get an idea of how your brain is perfoming at the moment. This series of tests puts you to the challenge and measures aspects such as your brains response time and your memory abilities. Each of these games comes with targets for you to meet and measure yourself against. These will help you to learn where your brain fitness stands today and how your brain and memory will improve as you proceed through this series of online brain training games.

Improve Your Brain

Brain improving puzzle games stimulate your brain and increase brain fitness by gradually getting you to solve more and more complex tasks. Don't worry though, they start easy :). Problem solving makes you think any many dimensions and boosts creativity.

Improving Your Memory

Your Brain Age is most commonly reflected in declining memory as it ages. Just like any other muscle, your brain and your memory can be kept fit and healthy through excercise. These memory improvement games use techniques such as sensory awareness, making associations and connections, mental images, rehearsal and review to help you increase your brains memory fitness and reduce your overall brain age.

Brain Training Program

An advanced set of Brain Training Games and challenges with set goals. These online brain training tools are designed to be able to be played and completed at each stage of your brain training, but as your training continous, your memory improves and your brain fitness increases, you should be able to notice a marked and measurable increase in your performance.

Brain Training Online

Online brain training is a growing art on the internet. After you have enjoyed and mastered all the brain training games on this site, this section showcases where to go for further training and improvement.

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